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Cyberg... A new cyber security definition

What is a ‘cyberg’ exactly?

cy-berg /’saɪ-bɜːɡ/ : noun

  • a portmanteau; or, linguistic blending of two (2) words representing a concatenation of cyber and iceberg, thus creating cyber-iceberg or cyberized-iceberg; see definitions below for further explanation.

  • the initial state of a cyber threat or vulnerability in which one or more threats and/or vulnerabilities exist, requiring further action or additional investigation in which the amount of effort (time, materials, or resources) is unknown or indeterminate at the time of (initial) review.

  • the condition by which an unknown trigger (such as an event, incident, or failure) has caused a situation to exist whereby the operational state of a cyber system, its environment, and safety status, has shifted to an indeterminate state that may be considered unsafe, based on previously established environmental conditions.

  • a cyber-related condition whereby a threat, or warning of a possible threat, results in either the misinterpretation or misunderstanding of a given situation, resulting in a decision in which no corrective action is taken.(a)

  • a threat or perceived threat in which any or all potential negative consequences have or will exceed that which is apparently known or visible.(b)


  • (a)(n.) Alternative definition provided by Vytautas Butrimas.
  • (b)(adj.) Alternative definition provided by Thomas Minton.

The logo for cyberg is publicly available, absolutely free of charge, and may be used for either non-commercial or commercial purposes; however, the logo must remain in its current form with attribution given.

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